Key Features


  • Information Collection :

Capture information on people, vehicles and incidents.


  • Association List :

Click a button to get a list of known associates with mugshots, of a specific suspect.


  • Vehicle Encounter :

Capture date, time, location and a brief narration of any vehicle encounter, including occupants' names and whether they were the driver or occupant.


  • Upload Images :

Images of tattoos, scars and body piercing can be uploaded into a suspects Recall file. There is also a section for uploading miscellaneous images related to a suspect.


  • Scorpion Alert :

This feature allows officers to enter an alert of dangerous encounters with suspects. A red scorpion will appear in the upper left hand corner of the Recall file, indicating that a suspect is potentially dangerous.

  • Lead Sheet Generation :

Based on information in the system a lead sheet of all known people, places and vehicles linked to a suspect can be printed. This printout includes a listing of all officers that have written incident reports involving the suspect.


  • Digital Note Book :

Each officer has a digital note book in which to keep notes. These notes are searchable, and searches can be conducted across all officers or a specific officer's note book.


  • Extensive Search Capability :

Find exactly the information you need with over 100 search parameters. Suspects can even be found by Tattoos, scars or body piercings. Searches can also be conducted on vehicles and incidents.


  • Reporting :

There are 9 reports that can be printed or exported to PDF including a full suspect Recall file report.


  • Note Link :

Hyperlinks can be embedded in notes to point to additional information in the system.

System Requirement


  • Hardware :

- Basic Web Server

- Database Server (one server can host both web and database)


  • Software :

- IIS Version 6 or Better

- SQL Server 2008 or Better



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