About Us


In January 2012 a detective with the gang unit at a major metro Atlanta police department met with Reginald Wheat. They discussed the requirements of a tracking system that would meet the needs of his unit. In August 2012 a beta version of the "Recall Tracking System" was installed in his department. Over a period of 7 months there were system tweaks and new features added, and the system evolved into more than a simple gang activity tracker.


The beta test gave Reginald a whole new insight into the data needs of the officers in the trenches. Statistical and resource management systems touted by the upper management did very little to help the patrolman on the beat. Reginald realized that officers needed a system to capture beat level information and the ability to easily share this information with fellow officers.


The "Recall Tracking System" was taken back to the drawing board based on feedback from the officers in the field. Development continued, adding additional modules and functionality. Finally after 2 years a new system evolved. Intel-One Intel Management System is a knowledge management system which gives officers a centralized location for collecting, managing, organizing, and sharing information.


The Intel-One development team takes great pride in delivering a technology that will enable law enforcement to better protect our communities. This has always been our objective. Intel-One was designed from start to finish being an easy to use, but powerful system delivering high value intel to officers when they need it most.




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