Intel Cataloging is here!


Information is critical to any law enforcement agency. Yet cataloging it has never been a consideration…until now!


Street level intel has often been the key piece of information that breaks a case wide open. How many unsolved cases does your agency have because of missing information?


Your officers receive intel daily. They write information in their note pads, notebooks, loose-leaf paper, napkins, etc. Imagine being able to catalog and later search this wealth of information.


The purpose of Intel-One is to catalog, manage and share street level intel within your agency. It provides your team with critical information. It shows clear relationships between people, places and things involved in criminal activities.


Intel-One delivers first-class features. They include a Digital Notebook, Lead Sheet Generator, Line up Sheet and more. The powerful and versatile search engine help uncover relevant information fast. Intel-One has over 1000 search combinations. It even has the ability to find suspects based on tattoos or body marks.


Current IT systems like RMS are not designed to handle this type of information, Intel-One is. Intel-One will not replace any information management systems you currently use. It is instead a powerful companion tool.


Please don’t assume that Intel-One has nothing new to offer your agency, I assure you it does. Let our team show you the value Intel-One bring to your organization. Your only risk is not asking the question…”What can Intel-One do for you?”


“At any moment your officers receive intel that could be relevant to a PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE case. The million-dollar question is…where are they going to put this information right now?”


System Overview

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